• "It has reached a point that we cannot hide. My clothes are not fitting me anymore." Aggie the Dancequeen 

Choreographer Oscar Mwalo and Dance queen Aggie
Choreographer Oscar Mwalo and Dance queen Aggie
Image: Instagram

Kenyan Choreographers, Aggie the Dancequeen and Oscar Mwalo, are eagerly waiting for the birth of their firstborn child. 

Unlike other celebrities who keep their pregnancy private, Aggie and Oscar have embraced it and also showed it off to their fans. 

In an interview with Mpasho, Aggie said they tried to hide the pregnancy but when more fans noticed it, they decided to let the cat out of the bag. 

"I didn't want the pregnancy to be public, it was his idea," Aggie said. 

Oscar added that he did not care about what fans and bullies would say about them,

"I am OK with it because she is a professional dancer. I would tell her that what other people say is not important as long as I am ok. We will do whatever we want with it, as long as it is not obscene. She said it was OK. I told her I will deal with the negative comments," Oscar shared. 

They could not hide the pregnancy for so long. 

"It has reached a point that we can not hide. My clothes are not fitting me anymore," Aggie shared. 

The choreographer has been dancing for years, but her breakthrough came after she choreographed the Short and Sweet video by Sauti Sol and Nyashinski. 

"Short and was a timely video. People used to know me...I had favour from the word go. I still have the jumpsuit to date," Aggie said. 

Her husband/trainer Oscar Mwalo says Aggie was not meant to choreograph that part. 

"We did not know the part she would play on Short and Sweet, we had the choreography. Aggie was supposed to choreograph Bien's part but on the set she choreographed Nyashinki's part and killed it."

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