Sailor's group member Miracle Baby says the money he got while still singing under the group was enough to buy a piece of land for his parents.

He said he has no regrets although they are currently on a hiatus.

"I have gotten so many opportunities in life after that. I have built for my parents and they are currently not paying rent," he said.

"I bought land in Membley, with the money I got from music. They are my second God. This was my main project in 2021. I will be officially opening it in a few months."

He encouraged artistes to invest wisely.

"Life is hard and fame comes and goes. We have so many of them who end up as beggars since they did not use their resources well."

Miracle Baby added that it pains him when fans ask about their whereabouts yet they witnessed what was done to them.

He added that when the group was experiencing challenges, no one showed up to support them.

"It hits me since some of the members are not singing. They are not having good deals, some deals were cancelled and I get hurt when I read comments of people asking about us."

His message to their fans is that they should be calm as the group will be back.

Check out photo of the house he is building for his parents below;

Miracle Baby's construction site for his parents
Miracle Baby's construction site for his parents

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