'Only four people showed up...' Sam West on his comedy show

• "I once sent out invitations to different people on a stand-up comedy show I was hosting, only 4 people showed up." - Sam West

Motivational speaker cum stand up comedian Sam West has promised Kenyans a new and fresh breed of comedians.

West says he has been trying for so long to blend comedy and motivational speaking and finally he has managed to do that.

Speaking to Mpasho he says, "I have always had an interest in comedy. Finding a balance of combining depth and shallowness is what I have been working on. I plan on doing a tour of 20 towns."

Adding, "What makes me different is that I can motivate while making people laugh. What makes me different is communicating and conveying content that people can take home.

I can motivate people while still making them laugh."

Sam says the journey to being a comedian has not been easy as he once called people to his event but only four people showed up.

"I have always thought of myself as funny. I remember I once sent out invitations to different people on a stand-up comedy show I was hosting but only four people showed up.

I even sent invites to other comedians but they never showed up. The four that showed up were on their phones the entire time, they were laughing and not at my jokes.

Other people were outside asking for a refund. The second time I called people and among them was MC Jessy and he really encouraged me."

Asked who are the comedians he looks up to and aspires to be like, Sam West responded, "I love MC Jessy, He is authentic, he is also very versatile on matters content.

Eric Omondi is also very creative, he knows how to get people's attention. Internationally I look up to Michael Junior. I am also a big fan of Trevor Noah."

Sam says he looks forward to working with other comedians.

"I am planning on building a whole empire of comedy with new comedians with fresh jokes and I will be going for those people who are talented but unnoticed. I want to bring a new breed of comedians to the market."

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