Guardian Angel and Esther Musila's private wedding
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila's private wedding
Image: Mdundo Studio 254

Singer Majirai has opened up about his love life in defence of gospel star Guardian Angel wedding Esther Musila who is almost 2 decades older than him.

Majirani told Mpasho, "I met Mary - not her real name - back in 2012 while hawking sweets, she could pass by where I used to hawk each morning on her way to work, she loved leather jackets I can still recall as if it was yesterday, we begun talking and getting to know each other, she became my number one customer I got used to her, she became a close friend.

One morning after an altercation with county askaris I developed some stomach pain, I had been bitten badly, she passed by noticed and asked if I was okay she saw my bad situation decided to park my boxes and take me to a doctor, she was there for me until when I as stable enough to go home, she wanted to know me and my story and why I had run away from my parents - hio ntawasho siku moja".

Majirani continued, "We continued engaging each other, life became hard in the streets and when this phone call came through asking me to participate in some rapping competition which I won by the way.

She was part of the struggle , she would call me just know how I was doing, if my clothes were ironed and if I had anything to eat, she was caring she would do anything just to see me happy including sending food money and transport

After the competition I was stable enough to fund my music projects, I was lucky to join Grandpa Records, did my hit  Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga as she was in the hotel praying for me."

The singer added, "It was never about money, I remember back in 2015 she went bankrupt after her business was closed down by the governmentt, i still stood there with her, I never left, given a chance I would do It again today and tomorrow

She was 10 years older than me but it never matters...I ran away from her though after I realized I had forgotten about myself I was realising songs after 3 years something that almost ended my music only regret."

Majirani who relocated to Poland to seek a better fortune after his music career in Kenya was derailed concluded, "Now I am here hustling, life has to go on, happiness is all that matters , whenever I see Guardian Angel and his lady I relate with my story believe me that boy is happy and peaceful."

He noted, "Those two things matter..."

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