TikTok star Dance General was recently interviewed by Mpasho. The dancer whose real names are Salim Gori gave an extensive interview and spoke about life, love, and work.

Salim was born and raised in South B under very humble beginnings. Did he always want to do dance? Nope. He said that at first things were always changing for him.

"My passion for dancing started in 2009 but before that, I was playing rugby-a sport that one needs a Godfather to succeed in.

While I was in high school I was still doing shows on the weekends but when I finished school I decided to choose dance as a career."

Had his parents supported his career path of dancing? "They were like the stereotypical parents who believed that books were the only way to financial security.

My parents didn't support me in my dance career at first, even taking me out of practice sessions, telling me to go and read. But after I finished form 4 and they saw me performing on Sakata, they realized that dance could pay."

When did he know he had made it as a dancer? "I knew I had made it in 2015 when I joined Sakata in 2015. After leaving Sakata is when the money started coming in. The money I make is even paying for my current architectural degree."

Why did he choose the name 'Dance General';

"I wanted to bring something new about dance. As dancers, we weren't being taken as artists and seen as the last priority.

So I called myself Dance General to show that dancers are still artists and it is good in dance. Without dance there is no music that flows. So I am on a mission."

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