Stivo Simple boy and his bae of 7 years Pritty
Stivo Simple boy and his bae of 7 years Pritty

A Tiktoker by the name of Pritty posted an intimate video of Stivo Simple Boy.

In the video, she was asking the singer what he has ever done for her.

He said, "God willing when money comes in all will be well."

She then responds to him, "Amen. Yes, He will make a way for you to get money so that you can buy me even a panty."

The banter continues with Stivo telling her that at least he bought her a cute skirt.

Pritty then sings for him Happy birthday and quotes Diana B's popular lyric, " Mapenzi yetu tight kama kifuniko ya gas."

Pointing out that their relationship will always be goals.

She added, "Do these people know how far we have come? It is 7 years now."

Watch the intimate video below, which Pritty captioned, "Boo is always funny anataka nivae kama mama wa kanisa."

Many fans of Stivo Simple Boy have no idea that he was dating. Well, check out photos of the star's bae, Pritty.

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