A Kenyan doctor named Magare Kigenyi filed a petition seeking to increase the paternity leave period for Kenyan men. 

Currently, men are eligible to two weeks leave after their wives give birth. 

The petitioner argued that it is discriminatory to subject men to the short term leave while their female counterparts enjoy a three-month fully paid leave. 

The petition by Kigenyi sparked mixed reactions from netizens. 

Mpasho conducted a vox pop in the streets of Nairobi where random Kenyans shared their opinions on giving men three months paternity leave. 

Here are some of the opinions of Kenyans. 

Maggy - "It is good for them to have that leave to bond with the mother and new baby."

John Opiyo - "I do not think it is necessary because 3 months is too much. It is only important for the women, not men, women are the ones who take care of the kid. The dad is just there to watch, they don't take keen interest. Two weeks is enough. "

Brian Okoth - " They should be given the leave. I have been a beneficiary of a 90 days paternity leave when we had twins 6 years ago. It was helpful as i was with her, handling the kids." 

Wilfred Oseko - "When a woman gives birth, it is the man who helps her. She needs help. It will be good if we are given more time to be close to the mum and baby."

Peter - "For women, it is understandable to get 3 months leave but no need for men. We are the breadwinners, 3 months is long. Maybe if there are underlying circumstances like sickness...complications..."

Rose - "They can only be given when they are of assistance. They should also be relaxed."

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