Dr. Ofweneke was recently interviewed by Mpasho. The father of 3 explained details about his new show, Dr. Ofweneke Live.

He said that he will be hosting the show himself. He added that he would be hosting the biggest names in the entertainment industry and even political bigwigs.

"If you didn't hear it on Dr. Ofweneke Live, you didn't hear it. This is gonna be the mother of all talk shows."

Are there specific topics? "It's gonna be on Wednesday and will future a cocktail of topics. I will ask questions that have never been asked before.

"The idea of the show is to bring the guests closer to their fans and equally to the people who misunderstand them," he added.

He explained the type of questions he would be asking, saying, 

"We need to know whether the president and his wife fight? Does the Deputy President snore?" Things like that. We want to get these personalities to a level where we see them as human beings."

Check out the whole interview below;

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