• "Everyone has his own legacy and I have mine." -Trio Mio

Trio Mio and Esir
Image: Instagram

For a long time, Kenyans have compared Trio-Mio to the late rapper, E-Sir. Just like the late E-Sir, Mio is not only talented but he is young and vibrant, dropping one hit after another.

Speaking about the comparison and how he feels about it, Mio shared

"I did not know E-sir but I have listened to some of his songs courtesy of my brothers. Everyone has his own legacy and I have mine. It's an honour to be compared as it's helping build my brand."

Despite being a teenager, the 17-year-old Trio Mio has released hits while pursuing his secondary school education. 

Speaking to Mpasho, Trio shared how it has been hard balancing his studies and music career. 

The 'Sipangwingwi' hitmaker says he has managed to stay on top of the game because of the support he gets from his inner circle.

"Balancing imekuwa tricky. Many people just see Trio online... but I have a team, my mum and my creative director who is my cousin. They take care of my account, when we are out of school i am always so busy...studio, interviews..." Trio Shared. 

He added that he does not let his title as a musician get in the middle of his education.

"When I am at school, I am TJ...outside I am Trio. I try to balance and I am good at both. I am just trying to make my future bright, I don't want to finish school then start wondering what to do." 

The teen singer further revealed that he has considered doing homeschooling instead of being confined to a boarding school. 

"I am in boarding school but next year I am planning to go lowkey and start homeschooling. But i haven't confirmed yet," Trio shared. 

However, he says that he does not reveal special treatment at the school where he is currently studying, "My mum warns them, she is strict, she tells them to make sure I study."

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