• The Kenyan showbiz industry is full of new scandals, sometimes I wonder how so much drama can fit in this world. 

Diana Marua and Willy Paul
Diana Marua and Willy Paul
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In 5 days, we will be saying 'It's a wrap' to 2021, ready to welcome the new year. 

But before saying goodbye, Mpasho would wish to serve you a reminder of some of the biggest celebrity scandals that made headlines this year. 

The Kenyan showbiz industry is full of new scandals, sometimes I wonder how so much drama can fit in this world. 

Willy Paul and Diana Marua

This celebrity scandal just came right at the end of the year. It is like this was the last bombshell before we officially bid goodbye to the year. 

A few weeks ago, Diana Marua was unveiled as a rapper. Well, what followed was the first scandal of the new Rapper aka Diana B. 

Diana accused singer Willy Paul of attempting to rape her years ago. This quickly became a 'scandal of turning tables' as Willy Paul refuted the allegations. 

Instead, he said that they had 'something' with Diana Marua. 

The polygamous Jimal Marlow 

On June 29, I was just about to call it a day when the Mpasho admin told me to watch some live scenes from Syokimau. 

Voila', it was Jimal Marlow's first wife Amira and second wife Amber Ray exchanging words. Ooops! the then wives of Jimal Marlow- because it is said that both marriages broke. 

This was the first time they were showing their 'cowife rivalry' live because before it was just social media insults. 

Governor's break-up 

Then came the break up between Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and first lady Lilian Ng'ang'a which left many people in shock. 

What followed the amicable breakup was some shocking news - Lilian and rapper Juliani saying that they are dating?

Then came accusations from Lilian Ng'ang'a that the Governor threatened her and possessed some of her property. 

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

March 2021 started off on a very high note. This was after the Yoke broke and the relationship between Mugithi singer Samidoh and Karen Nyamu became public. 

There had been speculations that the two were dating, but this is when Samidoh confirmed that Karen's second-born son is his. 

To further show proof of their relationship, Karen got pregnant with the singer's second child.

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