Working at B-Club
DJ Evolve Working at B-Club
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Everyone who knows the DJ Evolve shooting saga has been asking, 'Was justice served?'.

This is after a court decision by Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi in which the court allowed him and DJ Evolve to resolve matters while embracing Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Defending this move, baba Evolve - John Orinda - told Mpasho, "What I am interested in is seeing my son back on his feet, and the only person who can help us get the medication is Babu Owino."

He said, "We do not have the power to raise all the money needed. As we speak, it's you who knows what your heart is thinking. I could be free with you but you have a different hidden agenda.

"In the same way, I gave all my heart while forgiving him, but I cannot be in a position to know what he is thinking. If he is honest, only God knows and He is the planner of all things and He is also the judge.

"I forgave him as a dad would do to his son. He has so far not let us down. I also do not want to die a sinner by not forgiving him." 

According to the court document, among the provisions Babu Owino is to provide for Evolve are a house, a car and financial support for treatment.

The provisions include: clear the hospital bill; buy a Toyota Noah and customise it for DJ Evolve; and buy a house for DJ Evolve and register it under his name and that of his parents.

He is also to build the DJ another house in Utawala; set up a DJ academy; and pay nursing costs until DJ Evolve recovers or as per the advice of the doctors. 

At the time of writing the agreement, Babu had paid Sh9 million of the Sh17 million bill at Nairobi Hospital.

Evolve's treatment includes monthly medical check-up, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling, monthly tracheostomy change, regular acupuncture treatment to activate the nerves, and drugs.

Orinda said his son is still fully dependent on others.

"He still cannot do anything by himself. He can slowly work on his computer but his fingers are still very weak. He also cannot speak aloud, he whispers since he has a pipe in his throat," he said.

"He will be going for more checkups to see if the pipes can be removed."

His message to Evolve's fans is to give Babu Owino time to fulfil what he said he will do.

"The Bible says let's do good to people who do good to us."

The incident involving Babu Owino and DJ Evolve happened on January 17, 2020, at a popular nightclub in Nairobi, where the first-time legislator allegedly shot him.

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