'I love you,' Maina Kageni beautifully tells Churchill at foundation launch

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Maina Kageni celebrated his great friend, comedian Churchill Ndambuki, after he launched his foundation yesterday night.

Maina was poetic in his speech praising the comedy great as someone who does a lot without saying much.

"Today is about a gentleman who means a lot but never speaks...you almost have to read him like a book. If there is one thing that he does is to have the community at heart. I have learnt to understand what he wants to do without him saying a word. It is one of the things that I have had to learn about him in our interactions."

He added that he at first didn't understand why Churchill wanted to push a reading culture in this day and age?

"I work in an industry where nothing is for free. He has all these events but he says, 'that he wants to do this'. He wanted to foster a reading culture in children, something I didn't quite understand in the age of the internet and the smartphone. We get to our forties, later on and then we start reading books, 'How to become rich in 7 simple steps.'"

He reiterated that Churchill was a man of few words but that didn't stop him from doing a lot for the community.

"He is a man of few words. Churchill will not say a lot but what he does means a lot. Every time we used to have a children's show at Carnivore, thousands used to come. Why? Because you had resonated with the next generation. What you have done will not be said, it wil be seen. I love you..."

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