NEWLYWEDS: Rapper Nyashinski and entrepreneur Zia Bett
NEWLYWEDS: Rapper Nyashinski and entrepreneur Zia Bett

Multi-talented rapper Nyashinski said "I do" to his fiancé Zipporah 'Zia' Bett is a white wedding at the Nairobi Chapel on December 10, 2021.

The invites only affair was super hush-hush just like his traditional wedding over 6 months ago.

Details of the private white wedding were kept under wraps but word on the street is that his lineup contained a number of celebs including his former bandmate from his days at Kleptomaniacs, DJ Stylez, Big Pin, Wahu and Robert Burale.

Nyashinski and his wife Zia
Nyashinski and his wife Zia

Sources claim that Zia walked down the aisle to Ntashinski's monster hit, Malaika.

The rapper whose real name is Nyamari Ongegu invited only his close pals and family for the private wedding.

So far, none have posted any photos online. Check out more photos below.

The newlyweds, who have dated since 2017, have managed to keep their relationship secret until Mpasho unmasked their relationship back in 2018.

Anyhow, here is his longtime manager Fakii Liwali speaking to Mpasho back when the dowry negotiation took place.

Back then, asked when the white wedding is set to be, Fakii said, "Even they themselves haven't agreed on a date or they haven't told anyone. We just know it is soon."

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