Nviiri was recently interviewed by Mpasho.co.ke, with the dreadlocked singer speaking on what he would like in a potential female lover?

The man said, "When it comes to qualities, these things change. There are some you see that you didn't anticipate that really enthrall you. Zinaenda zikichange so when I see it I will know, it isn't something I will describe then you come and show me. It has to be natural."

Nviiri also spoke about his interest in the fashion industry. Was it something that he had always been into?

The musician explained that he had always had an interest in joining the fashion industry, saying,

"It isn't all of a sudden. It has always been there. It has just suddenly matured. Things have fallen into place at the right time after tumepatana na 254 who is also doing very well and is also one of our Maasai Mara brands hapa Kenya."


"Once something has matured you get to see it. It has been there for a minute. This is just the beginning. There are many other things. When they come out you will see it. Fashion, I am always there."

Watch the video below;

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