Nviiri the storyteller was interviewed this week on Mpasho. The 'Pombe Sigara' singer gave his opinion on the recent criticism that Eric Omondi had thrown at the music industry.

He said, "Stay in your lane. If you aren't contributing, who gives you the right to comment. It is very easy to comment from the couch. He should enter the field and try doing music."

We also asked him about his opinion on Diana Marua's career as a rapper? He said, "Good for her. This cake is big. An artiste is an artiste, who am I to judge an artiste? It's her own art."

Nviiri who was one of the most-streamed musicians in Kenya in 2021, praised Kenyans for supporting him and Sol Generation.

How had 2021 gone for him? "I removed an EP Kitenge which did very well. Two songs from the album were some of the most streamed in Kenya. I also released merchandise for kitenge. Nikita has come out and it is being well-received. On the 12th of this month, we will be having Sol Fest, so things are great and getting better and better."


What are his Christmas plans? "This is the season that we as artistes work hard. We ensure you have a memorable Christmas as we enjoy ourselves performing for you. I have been booked all through till next year. I have planned to release some Christmas songs for Kenyans."

What were his 2022 resolutions?

"We have been doing a lot of recording. So we have a whole catalog for next year and possibly for the year after that. The thing is to just plan our calendar for when we release the music. But we are ready."

Watch the interview below;

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