Milly Wa Jesus with a Ksh 65K wig
Milly Wa Jesus with a Ksh 65K wig

Milly Wa Jesus has opened up on how dramatic her life has been after her husband was thrust into the limelight over a paternity issue.

Speaking to Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi at the big Reveal Party hosted by Bahati at Trademark Hotel, Milly said, "This year, what I have learnt is, this life has seasons, there is a time when you are up and things are going well, other times you are down and they are not going as planned.

You just have to trust in God, he is going to take you through each and every season and there is something to learn from every season." 

On her jet-setting lifestyle, Milly defended it saying, "I think we would all love to be home with our children, but we do not travel because we want to be away from them. It is because we want to give them the best life. For me, it is so much about my children and their future."

However, life is not all gloomy as she is enjoying life on the soft side. Asked how much her outfit cost she said, "I don't know how much it costs but my hair was Ksh 65, 000. It is raw Vietnamese hair, the best."

Well, ladies and gentlemen, she was not joking about that figure. 

The reason why many wig lovers gravitate toward raw Vietnamese hair is that the hair texture is very special, it is straight, smooth, soft and silky. Because the natural shape of Vietnamese hair is straight, it is not easily tangling. The Vietnamese hair strand is thick enough.

Prices for Vietnamese hair vary based on length and colour.

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