"They even met my family," Michelle Ntalami on lover who cheated on her

• Michelle has no regrets about being in that relationship, and treasures the good moments it brought to her. 

Mitchelle Ntalami
Image: Courtesy: Ntalami/Instagram

Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami has opened up on keeping the identity of her partner a secret. 

A month ago, she announced that she ended her relationship with the lover, without mentioning their identity nor gender. 

In a one on one with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, the entrepreneur said she did not want to throw her partner under the bus.

"I care for them... they are still somebody I care for. You don't just switch off a care or love button. They are somebody I respect, I will always have love for them despite what we went through," Michelle said. 

The sassy CEO further shared that the message online was meant to express her pain, and not to label the other party as a bad person. 

"There have been good times, this is someone who has met my family, you can't just throw them in the mud or hurt them like that. This pain was about me, not them...not to tarnish their name of making them feel bad." 

She added that she has no regrets about being in that relationship, and treasures the good moments it brought to her. 

"There is a reason I was in that relationship, it wasn't always bad, it wasn't ugly, it was very beautiful. Many Kenyans can attest to it, it was very beautiful, you can't fake things like that. But when deceit comes into the picture it changes the dynamic of how to proceed with that relationship..."

She concluded by saying,

"I am not going to say it was the ugliest relationship...they are a bad person...I was in pain...that was a way of releasing my pain," Michelle said.

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