Diana Marua, the wife of singer Bahati launched her music career on Sunday, November 28. 

At the event, Bahati spoke on a few areas concerning Diana's new career. He started off by saying that he had no issue with her signing for any record label that she wanted,

"She is an independent artist she can go anywhere, she can even get signed by Wasafi. I am not about labels, I am just here to support her and make sure that she has the right advice, I tell her what I know..." 

Bahati added that she has her own management, saying,

"Diana has been a brand even before...she is endorsing more brands than me...the only place we will support her is my music manager Sylvester being in charge of her music."

He said that his vision for her was, "I want her to be classy, to be herself... I want her to express her mind... 

The "mama' musician also explained that Diana is doing better than him on online platforms 

"She is the most-watched YouTube vlogger in Kenya in 2021... she is heading to around 70 million views. People are subscribing to her channel more than mine. She is on her own lane, I don't want her to be like Bahati. Her normal appearance fee when she is just a vlogger is 500, 000. So the management was rating about 850k per show. She must get money to pay KRA."

He explained that he had told his wife to be herself,

"I have told her to be herself, when you become yourself you can always rediscover yourself because with change with seasons. Do you, what you feel is right. They will always say, don't focus on what they say. Diana has risen during a tough time, being bullied... right now I am surprised. Do you. Don't care what they say. 

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