Advocate Philip Murgor held a press briefing on behalf of Cheryl and Stephanie Murgor, Samuel Ramdas, and Patrick Koech, this Tuesday afternoon.

The subject was to touch on the undue delay in the prosecution of Paul and Eddie Ndichu for the offences of Assault and Malicious Damage to Property, following the incident at Emara Ole Sereni Hotel Nairobi on 17/10/2021.

One of the things that the lawyer touched on was why his nieces wouldn't be settling with the Ndichu brothers. 

He started,

"These children. They will forgive me for calling them 22-year-old and 24-year-olds. You will find that in this day and age, not like when our fathers were up and about, they would be on their own in life."

He explained that they were trying to send a message that people who thought they were above the law would have to pay for their crimes.

"These are two young girls who are as much as they are trying to work, enjoying the protection of their parents. When people who think they are immune from all processes, attack them and then proceed to further insult them by orchestrating social media attacks on them, how do you seat with them for any purpose?"

Mr.Murgor then added that he wanted the Ndichu brothers to start by apologising to his nieces and Kenyans at large.

"That's why I said to the honorable Mp, 'Can they start by apologising to the Kenyans at large?' These are well-known personalities, they owe Kenyans an apology. They acted wrongly. In that same apology, they should apologise to their victims. It will go a long way in making them feel a little better. That's what healing is all about," the prominent lawyer finished.