Mpasho recently had an interview with rapper Juliani. The musician was kind enough to speak on the year he had career-wise.

How had the year gone for him, had he achieved everything that he wanted to achieve?

"I have done well this year but I have not done all I wanted to achieve. I am also happy with the community projects I have been able to do."

Was dropping his album part of the agenda? "We were also supposed to do a 5-day concert. We were supposed to launch some videos. Those didn't go according to plan but as far as the album launch and how we rolled it out, ilieza."

The musician revealed that he didn't have any regrets in 2021. What did the 'Utawala' rapper think of Eric Omondi's criticising the music industry?

"At least he is sparking conversation, which is important for the industry? The industry is okay to me as there are different layers to it. You can't measure something based on what is popular. You measure it based on what is working. The industry has been growing, it can always be better. iko tu sawa."

He justified his previous statement by using the comedy industry as an example;

"If you at like the comedy angle. There are people who are doing stand-up consistently and people are willing to pay for tickets. During the Covid crisis, a lot of us did live stuff online. Personally, we did a live concert that was fully paid for by fans. We never had debt or anything. The most number of views in that partnership. So you can't just look at it from one angle."

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