In an interview with Mpasho this week, musician Juliani was an open book about some aspects of his life.

One of those was how the constant media scrutiny into his personal life had impacted him. He said that it had, telling me,

"It is part of the reason I didn't do some of the videos-because of the personal thing. One or two people dropped...a partnership dropped because of that. But all things work out for good."

Were the partnerships he lost of handsome monetary value? "Yes, they were. It's all gone so we can't...It all works for good cause I still have one or two things working. I appreciated what I have already. We are doing things for 21 artists currently."

What was the reason they dropped you? Was it the bad publicity, was it something in the contract? "People lack the courage to stand on something. There were excuses but I don't blame anybody because people are different in how they handle issues."

If he could go back, would he change how he handled the media? 

"I wouldn't have done the interview I did (The interview with the Standard). I would have just kept quiet because it doesn't matter what you say, people will always have opinions."

He didn't think letting people know his side of the story was important, we asked him?

"What matters is your truth, your relationship with God. Other people shouldn't be a concern unless it is people to who you're accountable. You're accountable to your God, the people close to you and the people who buy music. But you don't need to explain a lot."

But despite it all, he said that he wouldn't change the way he had already dealt with the media. 

"Everything is perfect but we have lessons after. Personally, I believe that everything that happens, happens for good. We learn and we become perfect from it, anyway. There is nothing wrong with how things went. They are just lessons that I learned."

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