• Esther says it has not been easy managing Guardian Angel, who can be stubborn sometimes. 

Esther Musila wears the shoes of a fiancee' and manager to musician Guardian Angel. In an interview with Mpasho, Esther shared how she has found a balance between her two roles, making the relationship work and at the same time spearhead Guardian's music career. 

"I understand him more... I bought into his vision... when I met him, the first question I asked was 'who is your manager?' Because I felt like he is really underrated...he needs to be out there...we sat down and he asked if I can be his manager," Esther said. 

She says it has not been easy managing Guardian, who can be 'stubborn' sometimes. 

"The good thing about him is he is very open-minded...even when we go to the studio I want to be there... I consider myself his audience... He is difficult, people know him as calm but he is very easy to work with," she added. 

On his part, Guardian says his manager/fiancee has been tough on him when it comes to career issues. 

"I appreciate the toughness because without the toughness I don't think I would be here. I think there is some discipline that has built us...that harshness, I would say, is the thing that I was missing in my music. Since it works, I appreciate it," Guardian shared.

The singer has released a new album dubbed 'Victory' where he has featured gospel artists like Moji Short Baba and Goodluck.

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