"Dating an older guy is better because you get the money and the good sex." This is a statement from one University student, a sugar baby. Sugar babies are known for their love of the soft life and they will do anything to achieve that in life. 

Africa (not her real name) is a University student in her early 20s. I catch up with her at a party.

She tells me that when she does not have classes to attend, opts to go out either for lunch or brunch with her friends because staying at home can make her be depressed.

Africa has been in a relationship with her sugar daddy for 7 months.

"Let’s say it’s a Monday I woke up and I don’t have classes on that day I’d probably link up with them rather staying in and sleeping because I’ll get depressed."

When going out with her friends she can spend a minimum of Kshs 1500. For a regular university student in Nairobi this can be a budget of at least one week.

She reveals that she receives money from the sugar daddy on a weekly basis or at any point they link up. "He is always there for me when I need money."

Africa has a rare breed of sugar daddy, who doesn’t force her to do anything uncomfortable, in fact, she willingly submits to the guy.

Her sugar daddy is 43 years old and has a family. The highest amount of money she has ever received from her sugar daddy is KShs 11000 and that was given to her at one meet up..

She met her sugar daddy in a book store -sugar daddies could be everywhere.

Africa describes that sugar daddies have a taste in simple girls. 

"Most sugar daddies don’t go for girls who use a lot of makeup. It’s an experience I have had with even my friends when they met their sugar daddies that did not have makeup," she said.

She adds,

"Coming to think of it, it’s the simple girls who get a lot of money from the sugar daddy. It took me time before we actually went out on a date."

The good thing about having a sugar daddy, he says, is that she has money and does not have to Fuliza.

There are many other girls out there just like Africa and maybe have relatively different experiences and have different reasons for having a sugar daddy.

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