Wanavokali members
Wanavokali members
Image: Moses Mwangi

Music group Wanavokali has released their much-anticipated 'Wanavokali' album. The self-titled album is made up of genres ranging from Rhumba, Gospel, and GengeTone. 

The collective is able to express their shared experiences and sentiments on matters to do with love, spirituality, life and its constant ups and downs and the spoils of being young, vibrant and passionate artists in Nairobi. 

Their Gengetone hit dubbed 'Kula Tatu' encompasses the six members in a party mode. The song speaks of the excitement that goes hand in hand with the Kenyan sherehe (party) culture.

The group has also released a song dubbed 'Reasons', featuring three-membered Hart the band. 

The song brings out an Acapella sound with different voices from Wanavokali's 6 members and Hart the band's three members.

The album also includes a love song dubbed 'Love is in the air' and a gospel one named 'Amani'.

In this album, every member of the group gets to share their unique voice, musical style, and persona in the album.

Each member of Wanavokali gets to feature as Lead Vocal on their individual track (6 in total), sharing their independent voices on various facets of the human condition.

The other songs in the album are on various audio streaming platforms

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