Eddie Ndichu and his twin Paul Ndichu
Eddie Ndichu and his twin Paul Ndichu
Image: Courtesy

Edward and Paul Ndichu are set to take plea at the Kibera Law courts Thursday, November 18.

The twin brothers are expected to be charged with assault and malicious damage to property. This is after two sisters Stephanie, 24, and Cheryl Murgor, 22, accused them of the incident that took place on October 17, 2021, at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel.

Speaking to the Star, Edward and Paul Ndichu's lawyer Edwin Sifuna accused the sisters of oppressing the twins with an intention of extorting them.

"They are pushing public anger yet on the sides they are oppressing these men because they are public figures and are publicity-shy," he said.

Sifuna explained that Eddie and Paul Ndichu have offered to repair a vehicle damaged during the incident but the Murgors are insisting on the financial settlement.

"We told them to take the car to DT Dobie then we will pay but they do not want, they are asking for SG 65,000 for the side mirrors," Sifuna said.

He added that Stephanie and Cheryl's lawyer Philip Murgor is pushing the police to press charges on the Ndichus yet his clients also assaulted Munira; a lady who was in the company of Eddie and Paul.

"Munira was assaulted, she was injured badly.. her lawyers are now going to the DCI to write a statement. We want them to be charged for assaulting Munira."

Sifuna stated that all parties should have been charged for fighting in a public place and not pushing anger towards Eddie and Paul because of their societal status.

"These are young people, you can not destroy their careers because you want to extort them,"  Sifuna further faulted the media for taking sides with the Murgor sisters and promoting the public anger towards Ndichus.

He said his clients are mentally ready for the sessions and war ahead. “They are ready to take plea today,” he said.

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