Eddie Butita had a beautiful 29th birthday this past week. We at Mpasho.co.ke called the first Kenyan Netflix comedian and asked him what he had planned for his new year.

"You need to keep your ear to the ground. There are a lot of new surprises. Kuna vitu mingi na sitaki ku reveal sahii. We are scaling up to Africa," he said.

Did he know that KRG the Don had planned to go all out for him and splash a whole Ksh 110k on him?

"It was a surprise. I was just at the office. I didn't know that the online media had planned a surprise, then KRG was with them. I think that it was Mungai Eve who planned the whole thing. It was a great surprise to close out the evening."

KRG the Don giving Eddie Butita 110k
Image: Mungai Eve

How long had he know KRG the Don? "Tumejuana juana," he responded.

We also asked the comedian about why Mammito hadn't been active on social media over the past week, made more apparent after people noted that she hadn't wished her boyfriend a happy birthday?

"I think she will be in the best position to answer that. Call her and you will get the correct answer. My answer might be wrong or right."

Were they fine as a couple, we inquired? "All these questions you should ask Mammito. Ask her where she has been? Ask her why she didn't wish me a happy birthday. After you have called her then you can call me back and tell me what she has said, then we can talk."

Mammito with Butita
Image: Courtesy

NB-We did call Mammito. After telling her who we were, she hang up. We called for a second time shortly afterward, she refused to pick up. 

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