recently interviewed Willy Paul. One of the questions that we asked the superstar musician concerned the recent comments that Eric Omondi has been making about the state of the Kenyan music industry.

The 'Njiwa' musician didn't want to be drawn into the highly divisive topic saying, "I don't want to talk about Erico."

But we persisted, asking him to just touch on the comments that Eric had made. His cryptic answer spoke volumes, with the singer saying,

"No speech manze. Niko kwa zone yangu ya kupanga album. Wacha kila mtu akufe kifo yake. Kila mtu akufe kifo yake."

Eric has dominated the headlines the past two weeks after criticising the music industry. The comedian has been calling out the musicians and saying that they were lazy and weren't evolving their music with the times.

Eric who is Kenya's most-followed celeb on Instagram has used his page to also deride concert promoters who pay Kenyan musicians peanuts to curtain-raise for foreign artistes, particularly Nigerians. 

Although his comments have enjoyed support from many Kenyans, they are still seen as a cynical attempt for Eric to change the conversation after the poor handling of his fight with baby mama, Jacque Maribe.

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