Willy Paul has been in the news this week after Sanaipei Tande revealed that she had refused to work with him on a collabo.

The veteran singer explained that her reason for denying the musicians collabo request saying,

"I don't do kiki [publicity stunts] and I always do music that is relevant to people. I don't follow the crowd as well. First, content and talent. And how you carry yourself around people is also a determination. Willy Paul asked for a collabo privately and I responded privately, so if he did not understand, then he has a problem. I have already decided and so my no should be respected".

We at Mpasho called the singer to get his take on the rebuke from the 'Mfalme Wa Mapenzi' singer. He said that he was disappointed with her sentiment.

"I think it's sad cause it is someone I grew up listening to. It's so unfortunate that someone I have admired could talk like that. You know such is life," he explained.

When had Willy asked the former SEMA band member for a collabo? "It was some time ago, then recently. After all, anyone who sees this should know that I wanted to sing with her cause I was her fan."

"First thing, I am A-list. If we were to do a collabo, I would bring more to the collaboration than she would."

"Cause of clout?" we asked.

"Yes. This should make her know that me asking for a collabo was simply because I am a fan and that she was someone I had grown up listening to," he reiterated.  

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