Mulamwah had a topsy turvy 2020 as far as his relationship with his lover and current partner, Carol Sonnie went.

The two broke up with the entertainer penning a heartfelt message to Carol at the demise of the relationship.

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the couple reunited a few months later. This year, the couple was blessed with a baby girl. That's not all, their relationship now looks stronger than it did before their break-up.

Mulamwah with Carol Sonnie
Image: Courtesy

In a recent interview with the comedian, Mpasho asked Kendrick why he had decided to fight for his relationship with Carol Sonnie?

He said;

"Simplicity to kwanza. She is very simple to deal with. The way you see her online is the way she normally is. It is the simplicity, the goals, the way she thinks. Yeye hana shida plus ametoka background same kama mimi."

Had he changed anything about himself after the split? "Not really, I am just the same person I was."

We tried to dig deeper, asking him whether there was any lesson he had learnt about himself? Mulamwah wasn't comfortable answering the question replying by saying, "I can see where you're going. I can't say anything more," he said as he laughed.

Mulamwah with Carol Sonnie
Image: Courtesy

Would the father of one want to have more kids?

"I am really enjoying being a father. It's rolling on well. Time will tell and the ability to make them comfortable. I don't have a problem getting anymore as long as I have the ability to take care of them. That's where the catch is," he explained.

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