Mulamwah was recently in the news after being criticised for holding an expensive baby shoot that cost him Ksh 50k.

Some Kenyans were aghast that he could spend that much while he himself was living in a 10k rental.

We at Mpasho called him and asked him what he had to say about the criticism? 

"So when I spend 9k on rent. It means that a big amount of the money I am getting I am using for other things. It's one method of saving for projects I want to do in the future."


"For Keilah, I know that that is an investment. In the near future when she becomes a brand I know that we will make more money. Definitely will make more money."

He added that it was also something that went beyond financial considerations alone.

"Also, the gesture is one of love. It is very important that we have clear memories that we will save for a very long time. I saw I should get quality from quality people and that is what I went for."

Is moving into a bigger space part of his agenda?

"We are actually not looking to move, we are looking to build a place. There is no need of paying too much rent and you don't have plans of having your own home. I already have land, which I am planning to build on soon. I am looking forward to moving from tis rental into my own home."

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