Eric Omondi has started a conversation about the Kenyan music industry. This past week the comedian stated in a controversial treatise that Kenyan musicians should pull up their socks while also deriding the treatment Kenyan musicians receive from concert promoters.

In a recent interview comedian Kendrick Mulamwah did with, the entertainer gave his opinion on what Eric has been saying, telling us;

"I would like to tell him that he should also talk about the comedy industry. They have really grown but are still doing things like us. Hao nao watuondoke, waende international, wapush boundaries. Kina Shiti, kina Eric Omondi, you know them. Bado wanafanya vitu sisi tunfanya."


"As much as he is speaking about musicians they should go and try outside there. Wanatufinya. They are on YouTube, they are saying, 'Subscribe to our channel,' mpaka unashangaa'."

Mulamwah then backed Bien's standpoint that comedians should start doing more specials;

"People like them should be having specials the way Bien was saying. I challenge them to move ahead. Like me, I have come recently and I have already opened a record label. We are trying to move forward."

Kendrick would finish off the interview by issuing some praise for the things that Eric had done,

"Eric is doing good. The industry is now fluid. We are starting to reach the one for Tanzania. Challenging people and keeping them on toes is very good."

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