Pascal Koga
Pascal Koga
Image: Courtesy

Incidences of women being assaulted or attacked during taxi rides remain rampant even with security measures installed by Taxi-hailing apps.

Such cases prompted Bolt, a leading Taxi App to introduce a women-only service whereby women request rides from female drivers.

Now, Kenyan taxi driver Pascal Koga Mulumba has changed the game by offering comfort, and a safe space for his customers.

“I have diapers, wipes, combs, mirror, lotion, sanitary towels. Sanitizers... and they are all free of charge,” he said.

On his dashboard, Pascal has a sticker written ‘feel free to pick any'.

“A woman with a child is someone going through a lot. It is easy for them to forget, I am there so that when they forget they don’t have to worry.”

Free products in Pascal's car
Free products in Pascal's car
Image: Courtesy

Speaking to Mpasho, Pascal explained why he decided to stock the essential products in his car.

“People do get emergencies sometimes, and it can be embarrassing to ask the cab driver to stop so that you can go and buy essentials. Instead of going through such hustles, I thought of putting those things there just to help them,” he said.

Pascal is not bothered by the smell of poop when a diaper change is made inside his car, instead, he has car air fresheners for his next customer to walk into a nice smelling car.

He stops by a petrol station when one wants to throw away used diapers, or is having a periods emergency.

The taxi driver, who works with Bolt and Uber taxi hailing companies also minds his male customers.

Products such as sweets, chewing gums and face masks are available for children, men and women to use for free.

“I believe you get when you give. I believe it is being different, there are many Taxis in the city. The only way I can make this ride memorable is through offering such things,” Pascal shared.

The trained sound technician ventured into the Taxi business after being laid off from his job at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The company had to lay off all of us, I went into business with my cousin. Later on, I got this car from a friend.”

He says that his aim is to make any customer to feel comfortable riding pin his car.

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