Breaking up with my wife inspired my love song - Flory Red Pen

Flory Red Pen
Flory Red Pen

Contemporary singer Flory Red Pen has opened up about his life after breaking up with his wife.

Speaking to Mpasho, Flory said, "I have been silent for a year, I was dealing with some personal issues. I broke up with my wife."

He added, "At one point in life, we all find that someone that makes our small world revolve round and round. To whom our heartbeats. That's when we realize we can do whatever it takes to make them happy. The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is a beautiful place."

However, the love ended and he left his home with just the clothes he had on. 

"It was hard, I have battled depression for six months. There was nothing I was doing, This is someone I was with for five years and we shared a child. It was something that was hard for me to accept. What helped me was confiding in other men who had gone through the same."

Flory Red Pen
Flory Red Pen

What caused the break up? Flory explains, "Cheating and there was no respect especially since during the pandemic, work was scarce meaning that we were financially constrained. The arguments got worse, one day I just walked out. I haven't gone back since."

Flory's latest release is a love song. Asked how he was inspired to create such considering  the painful breakup, he said, "The love that I sing about is inspired by my friends love for their spouses.

Adding that the inspiration for the new song is about "the future love I hope to experience. And the love i promise to give when i meet that special one."

Flory has done two gospel albums before shifting to doing love songs. You can watch the music video from his latest music release titled, Promise, below.

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