• The singer faulted Mr Seed for secular phrases in his songs

Image: Instagram

Musician Ringtone is not new to controversy with fellow artistes in the gospel music industry. 

The Chairman, as he fondly refers himself, says he is among the few genuine gospel musicians. 

Speaking to Mpasho during Daddy Owen's Album launch, Ringtone said he wants singer Mr Seed to refund his money. 

He said that he contributed money during Mr. Seed's album launch, thinking that he would sing gospel songs. 

"He lied to us, we went to his event to contribute money saying it is a album for God, but he was releasing a song saying 'Wanawake ndio dawa ya baridi' . A woman can not treat cold, you have to take warm water and lemon, sit next to a Jiko," Ringtone said. 

The singer faulted Mr Seed for secular phrases in his songs, demanding his money back. 

"Mr Seed is a conman. i would like him to refund my money, i contributed around Ksh 50,000. Not the one i gave his mother, she is a parent, that is OK. He lied that he is launching a gospel album, but it was secular."

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