Alice Kamande
Alice Kamande

Gospel singer Alice Kamande has opened up about a near-death experience that inspired a hit song titled Shukurani, where she collaborated with Dar Mjomba.

"We started working on it in 2019 but we released the song in 2020. And if you can remember well, the beginning of 2020, that is when the pandemic was starting, we did a lot of interviews and we really pushed the song," Alice told

On what inspired the song, Alice explained, "Let me first say that Dar Mjomba had come up with the song and he asked me to collaborate and work with him on it.

Coincidentally, it was at a time I was also thanking God because previously in 2019, I was involved in an accident. The song, Shukurani, was a song that I was also telling God, thank you for taking good care of me."

She continued, "We released it and it was well-received. And throughout 2020 it was a song I was carrying in my heart, just knowing that this is not just a song for everybody but I was actually carrying the message just thanking God for the great work he has done for me."

Alice narrated how the accident happened.

"Let me not get so deep into it. The thing is, I was driving going to CBD and it just happened that someone knocked me from behind and I hit the person in front of me and it was serious. I'm grateful I came out of it alive."

She added, "The car was a write-off and God took care of me. I thank God I am alive I don't take it for granted. You know, ever day, every minute, every hour is something to always thank God for."

After the accident, Alice was always looking over her shoulder when she was on the road driving.

She said, "I had a phobia after the accident for sometime and everytime I had to look behind and see who i there and if they are close enough to hit me again.

I had it for quite some time like a couple of months. But I thank God I overcame it and sometimes I would even dream about it. It was really crazy.

Sometimes God just gives you grace to overcome what you are going through."

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