• Rufftone urged gospel musicians to shun such a behavior. 


Musician Rufftone has opened up about being tempted to engage in money laundering activities, popularly known as 'wash-wash'. 

According to the singer, he was seen to be a prospect in the wash-wash business because no one would suspect him. 

"People would come and say, 'Rufftone your credibility, your name and your influence, even when you are stopped by police officers they can not start sniffing and suspecting. Do this for us, you will get easy life'" Rufftone said. 

Speaking to Mpasho, Rufftone said he did not fall for the temptation. 

"I thank God because my dad and mum told me I cannot get anything for free."

He urged gospel musicians to shun such behaviour. 

"The Gospel industry was being undermined, people say you are hiding in the gospel. So have I been tempted? Yes. 

I also want money, it was easy money. We are talking about millions and it is actually free money. I can encourage people that their challenge is not new. It's the same old serpent using the same old ways."

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