Willy Paul scared some this week with a post he made concerning depression where he wrote, "Sometimes we face challenges that are above our control. Never understood the word depression well, but now I think I do."

Some were concerned that he might be in a bad mental state while others stated that he was clout-chasing with his comment.

So we here at Mpasho.co.ke decided to call and ask him about it. He clarified saying, "I am not depressed. I saw it with some people that I know who were going through it."

Were those friends well at the moment? "Yes, they are O.K now as they were able to get help. Over the years I have known many people who were depressed but I wasn't exactly close with them."

How was his own mental state himself? "I am O.K. I am just thanking God for good health, life and everything."

We also asked about the musician's love life and whether he was dating. He said, "Me, at the moment, let me take care of my kids and their mothers. ( Willy has one kid each with an Arab and a European woman)."

And how had he met the white woman? "It's just God who said, 'My son, you have made me proud, take this reward'."

Where was the white woman from? "I can't go into too many details about her and how we met but I can tell you that she is a European woman."

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