Mpasho interviewed musician Mustafa and the singer opened up on various areas in his life. One of them was about his dating life.

What was going on in that department, we asked him? "After those stories( with Noti Flow) I decided to chill out, hit the gym and do my businesses. I have been single cause I have seen that most of the women that I date want to take advantage on Instagram. They were using my name so I decided to become cautious and do things that make me happy."

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow in the past
Image: Courtesy

So how does he get along with Noti Flow nowadays? "Me, I don't even talk to her. Hata sitaki. Iliisha na sina time."

Does he care what she does in her life?

"Me, I don't care, that's her life.  In fact, vile alipata huyo dame mwingine, it shows that she has her own issues. It seems she didn't get lipunda ingine. People are clearly looking for clout nowadays. Me I am past that. Kiki and all we started it in the past. If they associate you with scandal, they will not look to you for your music."

Mustafa was however quick to praise Canadian-based Kenyan musician, Shy Musiq, saying;

"She lives in Canada but she is Kenyan. So far, me and Shy have many projects at hand. We rhyme musically. There is stuff that she has done and she is good at it. I am removing a new album, a new EP. There are some of my songs and there are songs that I have done with Shy."

Mustafa then took the opportunity to contrast Shy with his ex, Noti Flow, telling me;

"Shy is very talented, just follow her on Instagram and see the real queen. See her poses and compare her to Noti Flow. I am very sure that Noti Flow isn't sleeping at the moment. Halali! Anajua ni shida!"

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