In a recent interview with Willy Paul, the singer spoke on some issues in his life. One of them was whether he would ever collaborate with frenemies Bahati and Ringtone?

"I am not sure. We have different visions and our inspirations come from different places. We are not the same. It becomes hard to work with people that don't have the same vision as you but I respect each and everyone's art. I respect Bahati and Ringtone cause all of us are in the business. We are all brands and we are at the top."

Image: Instagram

Willy was also quick to refute the notion that he loved chasing clout telling me;

"I don't normally have clout, that is what people say about me. I am a businessman who is in the showbiz industry. The more I grow mentally, the more I come to understand that someone can hate you and they don't even know. They will hate you because they have had someone talking badly about you."


"Then when they meet you in person, they are shocked that you are different from what they expected. 'You're not what people say you are, you're so different.' Too bad I can't go everywhere and let people know the type of person that I am. Some things you just live them to God."

What was his goal for the end of the year? "I am just working to release my album. It has taken a lot of my time and energy. I nearly even went mad just getting it together. So far so good, I am thanking the Lord for his grace."

Would he ever join politics? "I am not so sure about that. If I join they might kill me cause I will win easily."

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