Colonel Mustafa has been away from the music scene for a few years. In a recent interview with, the veteran rapper spoke about what had been happening in his life during that period.

Did he still have a passion for the music industry? "I have been away from music for 5 years. Music is something I do because of the passion I have for it. It isn't for money. It's not like it pays me. We have been doing this for a long time because we love the music and not because it pays well. It's not like without music I can't live."

Does he have other side hustles apart from music? 

"From 07', 08', Kenyan music has been fought by other genres of African music. At that time we had already started our side hustles as Kenyan musicians because we knew that there were some people who were already fighting us. We used to stay two years without doing a gig, so we got used to it. What music has given me so far is minuscule. It has never given me money to buy a car. That is all due to my side hustles. I can't talk about my side hustles."


"Many artists in Kenya are big but they have nothing in their pockets. I didn't want to be like that, I had seen the signs and I knew I would survive without music."

He says that he is doing well financially at the moment;

"I am O.K. I have many businesses and side hustles. I have a shop for clothes. At the end of the day, fame will get you well-known but you will have nothing in your pocket. Things are very fresh for me. 3 years ago, things were very tough for me but you have got me in a comfortable place. I am living life to the fullest."

Did that mean that he was making a comeback in the industry?  "Now I am back. I have so many tracks. There are Tanzanian guys that I am working with, like P-Zone. I have still not gone for the big name in Kenya as I am looking at someone who can gel with me but the tracks are many.

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