We at Mpasho.co.ke recently called veteran musician Colonel Mustafa. We asked why he had been undercover for the past few years and what had happened to his old Instagram page?

"The old one was stolen, so I had to open up a new one. The old one had almost 40k followers. Noti Flow stole it. She took it. She took it, for real. It is now her fan page. Her Noti Flow fan page is the one."

Has he tried getting it back from her?

"You know it was a long story. She changed the email address. I tried to login into her phone. So she changed everything. I used to post everything through her phone. She took it. She deleted everything. She deleted the people I follow. Yaani she did some crazy things, so I decided to lenga the page and use a new one."

Did he know how hard it is to get new followers? "It is hard I know. But that is life. If I am doing something good, then they will come, they will follow me. Maybe they will fika even a hundred thousand," he said.

So had he given up entirely on getting the page back?

"Maybe I will try to look for it but I don't know. I am not sure. It is something small. I left it for her. Maybe it helps her to pay the rent.  There are people who go crazy over these things of social media." 

We at Mpasho called Noti Flow for her side of the story and she refuted the claims that she had stolen the page.

Read her side of the story here.

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