During his presser for his latest album, "Only One King", Ali Kiba went to great lengths to apologise to Kenyan rapper, Mejja.

He was speaking about the traits he looks for when looking for an artiste to collaborate with when he brought up Mejja.

He started; "What does he look for when he is looking for someone to collaborate with? You must see the popularity of the singer, reach (strength) also the target demographic."


 "I wanted to do a collaboration with Mejja but the timing was an issue. I pray that he can forgive me like his brother. We had planned to work together but there are things that happened that I couldn't make it. I am truly sorry. I really wanted Mejja to be on my album."

Reiterating, "I hope he will get a chance to forgive me."

The "Cinderella" singer also revealed his secret for staying relevant in the industry this long, saying it was discipline. 

One question that might have bothered some was why he doesn't follow anyone on Instagram where he boasts a mammoth 7 million-plus following. He said;

"Firstly, I use Instagram as a platform to announce my music and business. Also if I followed people, my followers would be double but I don't mind. People understand that it isn't pride that I have. Also, I just wanted to see if I could get followers without following back and thus increase my work ethic."

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