After Anita Nderu's fabulous wedding last month, the former Capital FM presenter spoke to Mpasho in a short but deep interview.

One of the questions we asked the beautiful and bubbly Anita was where the new couple had gone for their honeymoon?

"We haven't yet, cause we haven't decided where we want to go," she replied.

What was the reason they hadn't gone? She said that they were very exhausted after the wedding and that would have affected their honeymoon;

"I am glad we didn't go where we wanted to go initially, literally two days after the wedding. We were tired. I think it was two weeks after the wedding that I could generally say that I wasn't as tired anymore. It's actually very exhausting."

We then cheekily asked Anita how many kids she would like to have? "This is the reason I refuse personal questions. Cause this has gone way too deep," she complained before answering.

"Do I plan to have kids? God-willing yes! If I am to have kids, please God just give me twins at one go. I would love to have two very healthy babies but when the time comes," she said.

Anita Nderu Gives Honeymoon Details After Wedding

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