Anita Nderu got married last month to Barrett Raftery. Most Kenyans were surprised that the former TV host and radio personality had gotten hitched.

The man in question is still a mystery but we at Mpasho had an exclusive interview with the pretty Anita yesterday.

During the interview, we asked her the burning question in many Kenyans' minds. What had drawn her to Barrett? She said,

"Mr. B. He is a genuinely awesome individual and he is honest. He makes me want to be a better person. Being with him is easy-peasy, lemon squeezy."


"Like it doesn't feel... I keep getting asked this question, 'How does marriage life feel?' It feels like it did when we were dating. He is literally my most handsome fan. He is really sweet and very caring. He is one of those people who challenge you do to better in every aspect of your life. From your friends to your family, to your finances.

She also went on to praise his family noting that;

"He's great and his family is really great too. My hubby's family is based overseas but they were really welcoming from the onset and they were great and they came for the wedding. They left shortly after but we will see them for thanksgiving."

Does she have plans to relocate?

"I am not moving. Dual citizenship? If need be, maybe. Cause we are both based in Kenya. There might not be really a need for that."

Watch the whole interview below:

Anita Nderu Gives Honeymoon Details After Wedding

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