It seems like there are many women who are willing to stand by their man and keep it real.

After Kenya's fastest man, Fred Omanyala's wife paid his bills when he was down financially, another gem is unveiled.

Gospel singer Mr Seed has revealed that imo paid his rent once he was in financial doldrums.

 Speaking to Jalango and Kamene, Mr Seed explained, "There is this time we had gone for a picnic in Arboretum. at the time, the entrance was Ksh 100, and i did not even have the cash leave a lone fare to go back home."

He continued, "I was not used to picnic dates, snacks and all that. After the date, I went home to find the landlord had locked my house with three huge padlocks, I could not go in."

To salvage the situation, Mr Seed pretended that he lost his house keys.

"I had to act like I lost my keys at the picnic site. Nimo had Ksh 9,000 with her, she chucked it out without hesitation and paid. Later she asked me why I did not just tell her the truth. Since that day, I saw the importance of opening up."

Appreciating his wife, Mr Seed said, "When I met her, I had lost hope in my music career. She is one person who stood by me through thick and thin. I also had self esteem issues and i would lok myslelf up in the house for days. SHe would come and push me to do more and ignore what people are saying."

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