Mpasho was at hand today as Eric Omondi welcomed media into his new mansion. The enterprising comedian was a ball of fun as he answered our questions.

One of them was how he had been able to get the funds to buy his Ksh 72 million home? Was it a token from presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi, the billionaire businessman that Eric had started campaigning for recently?

"Inaweza kuwa pia. Let's not rule that out. It could be that I have hustled for 14 years or it could be the other thing (that Jimmy gave him the house)."

When we asked him to clarify, he said that Kenyans should choose for themselves. "Let Kenyans decide for themselves."

How much had Jimmy paid him to campaign for him? Eric refused to give a figure but insisted that it was a significant amount.

"Jimmy Wanjigi genuinely has a vision and a fresh dream for this country and that is why I am supporting him. Unadhani sasa Jimmy ataniacha hivo na mimi ni kijana wake? Aje sasa? He has worked hard to earn his money and he knows where to invest. That is why we need him to be president, cause he will invest in our country."

He then went on to say,

"You cannot campaign without money. For you to do politics, you need a lot of money that goes to different aspects of the campaign, like T-shirts, kofias and then there is Eric Omondi. I am a very important and pivotal part of the campaign! So Eric Omondi lazima awekwe poa. So mimi niko sawa. I can't complain. I am well taken care of."

When we insisted on finding out how much exactly he had been paid, he gave out an analogy, saying,

"If you have Ksh 1 million and I am your mother, I ask for Ksh 200k, you will give me. Yes! So Jimmy Wanjigi is a billionaire..." he trailed off. Does that mean Eric is being paid a fifth of a billion? Hmmm...

One can only wonder...

Watch the video interview below:


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