Vivian was recently interviewed by She spoke on many pertinent issues in her life. One of the things she spoke about was the s3xual abuse she had gone through during her time in the entertainment industry.

She said that part of the reason she allowed the horrible abuse to happen to her was that she didn't know who she was in Christ;

"On the s3xual abuse, I blame the issue of identity crisis. I realised that all along I was waiting for other people to give me permission to be me yet God had already qualified me. So all the s3xual and physical abuse, I am not saying that I caused it but just the fact that I wasn't able to identify that this was a bad space for me... That is a form of self-rejection cause I didn't love myself enough to walk away from a bad situation."


"Some of the men in the entertainment industry objectify female artists and it is very common. It is the nature of that space. The experiences I have had have shaped me and I tend to have a lot of empathy for young girls growing in the industry." 

Had she reported the s3xual abuse to the police?

"To be honest I didn't take legal action at that time because I was very alone and I didn't know which way to turn to. I remember I talked to a gospel artist at the time who was my neighbour. He told me to leave those things alone and that the world is normally like that."

She finished by saying that she might have reported the abuse if she knew better. "Maybe I would have if I knew better and if I had support. I am happy that girls right now are coming out to report."

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