Monicah was shot six tomes by her boyfriend
Monicah was shot six tomes by her boyfriend

Actress Monicah who is known to many as Monnie Monnie on social media was shot six times by her boyfriend according to police reports, over a suspected love triangle.

Monnie's social media details that she is single and not searching, however, her life was snuffed off by a man who wanted her for himself.

The man, whose identity is yet to be revealed to the public, is now wanted by cops and is on the run after the fatal shooting of his actress girlfriend in Mukuru Kwa Njenga.

Police at the scene said the suspect was enraged and shot the woman six times at close range.

The killing took place in Monnie's house on Tuesday 14, September 2021, night.

Locals called police, saying they had heard gunshots from the house. A team rushed there and found the woman's body.

Embakasi police boss John Nyamu said the suspect is known to them and has been on a wanted list.

Detectives are investigating.

“Preliminary findings show it was a love triangle and the man is on our wanted list. We are looking for him and asking him to surrender,” he said.

Actress Monnie Monnie
Actress Monnie Monnie

Friends close to Monnie paid tribute to her.

Deejay Bird Highest wrote, "Her name was Monicah or rather Monnie ukipenda, she was jovial, friendly and social. Ni dem alipenda sana mtaa yake Mukuru Kwa Njenga. She was an actress very beautiful out and inside her soul too but today we remain with nothing but memories of how she was."

Adding, "Many who connected or came across her, we/her friends too remain in sorrow and sad tears for losing such a young soul murdered by her hubby, a bullet of no reason to release it from its chamber to murder her for the name of so-called #Love."

He continued, "Will justice be served for our beloved #Monnie? Will whoever did this be found and brought to justice? For how long we'll we keep losing young women and men in the name of love? Will toxic relationships ever end? These are the question's that remain with all of us. Today it's her, tomorrow might be your sister, mum, dad, brother, uncle, aunty or you, yes you the one reading this. #TakeAction #JusticeForMonicah. Rest In Peace Dear Monnie Forever Be Remembered In Our Broken Hearts."

Check out photos of Monnie during happier times.

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