Eric Omondi has been attacked relentlessly the past two weeks since he declared his support for Jimmy Wanjigi's nascent presidential run.

In an interview I had with the comedian last week, Eric addressed those critics telling me how disappointed he was with the critics.

He said, "This is why this country/Africa will never develop. You see in every election there are different choices. There is Raila, Ruto, there is Jimmy, there is Onyango and that's why it is called a democracy. So it's(the criticism) is foolishness of the highest order."

Adding, "And those artistes who came out calling me, they are supposed to come out and use that time to tell us their preferred candidate and why. I came out and said my preferred candidate and these are his policies and I put it down and his manifesto. That is what you call democracy. It is foolish and primitive."

The comic kept on stressing his democratic right to chose in a free country such as Kenya and criticised Frasha after his recent attack on Eric,

"It is my democratic right. To chose who I support and who I vote for. That is why people line up. So hizo vitu wanafanya hapo kina Frasha, nashanga sana watu wameenda shule."

He finished home by advising his critics to attack the idea and not the man, unlike what they were doing,

"They are supposed to counter and not come and say, 'Eric tell us what will you do for Kenyans'. Put us to task. Argue against the idea or give us a better option."  

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