Eric Omondi made a big political statement last week when he decided to endorse Jimmy Wanjigi. Since then he has become Mr. Wanjigi's main brand influencer with the businessman even gifting him a brand new car to aid in the campaigns.

But the question that is on a lot of minds was whether Eric would also try running for political office like fellow comedian, Jalang'o?

That is a question I put to him in a recent interview. He said, "Me I am not running. For now, it is Jimmy that we are supporting. I can never get into politics. I am a comedian. Why do artistes go into politics? It's like asking Raila to become a comedian? I personally think that God calls us all differently."

He however added a caveat for ever joining the political landscape, saying,

"If Kenyans would allow me to go into political office and still do my comedy actively then I would do it even tomorrow. But people would start complaining after voting for me when they see me using my time to go perform in another country. People would ask what time I was helping develop my own constituents?"

He finished by reiterating that his love for comedy would always be an impediment if ever he wanted to join politics,

"My only issue is that my comedy would never stop. Comedy is my first love. If there is a parliamentary seating and there is a show at Carnivore, I would go for the show without thinking twice. I can't abandon my passion to go to politics." 

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